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Arrival of the Anunnaki

I must admit that I have delayed this article for too long, because I am not yet able to explain all its implications and ramifications, and I was not able to find all the missing pieces.
I was planning to gather a lot more information, connect as many dots as possible, and turn everything into a long and brain-storming article. But it had to be ready before December 21st, 2012. We must have a wide perspective, just in case something special takes place after all.
I have no doubt that most of my constant readers know a lot about the arrival of the Anunnaki (literally meaning "those who from heavens to Earth came") on our planet. But for the following piece of history to make sense to the newcomers, I will shortly outline the main events leading to their colonization of Earth.
According to the Anunnaki themselves, our solar system has one more member, a huge planet that is orbiting the sun in a 3,600 years long ellipse. They called their planet Nibiru, which means "the planet of the crossing" -- because together with its moons they form a cross image, and Nibiru is located in middle (in the crossing).
Because the planet has such a long orbit around the Sun, the Nibiruans relied on its very thick upper atmosphere to shelter them from cold, like a warm blanket. It also had the task of keeping the oxygen from escaping in the outer space, hence making life as we know, possible.
Unfortunately for them, they were faced with extinction when, the "volcanoes, the atmosphere's forebears, less belching were spitting up! Nibiru's air has thinner been made, the protective shield has been diminished! (...) pestilences of field made appearance; toil could them not overcome."
 (...) "From circuit to circuit, Nibiru's atmosphere more breaching suffered. In the councils of the learned, cures were avidly debated; ways to bandage the wound were urgently considered."
Long story short, they've tried everything: from creating an artificial shield (which eventually fell down to the ground), to bombarding the volcanoes with nuclear-like weapons in order to make them active once again, but all their efforts ended in failure.
Nibiru's scientists had one final suggestion to heal Nibiru's atmosphere: to pulverize very fine, sub-atomic, gold dust into the breach. Because it was so fine, the nano-atomic gold dust would remain suspended and, in time, completely repair the breach. But gold was extremely scarce on Nibiru, though "within the Hammered Bracelet (inside the asteroid's belt) it was abundant."
Soon, "rains were withheld, winds blew harder; springs from the depths did not arise." The Nibiruans grew restless and  stopped worshiping Alalu, for not being able to bring them salvation. Anu seized the opportunity and dethroned Alalu from Nibiru's kingship.
Fearing death, Alalu boarded a "missile-throwing celestial chariot" and set its course for Earth, where he discovered gold. He delivered the good news back to Nibiru and requested the throne back, but instead, Anu promised him Earth's leadership.
Anu and his two sons, Ea and Enlil, arrived on Earth to make plans for the future. He decided to give Earth's leadership to his son, Ea, and renamed him En-ki (Earth's Master). Alalu was greatly offended and challenged Anu to battle, but lost again.
Alalu was sentenced to die in exile, alone, on a foreign planet.
Another very important aspect is the enormous life span of the Anunnaki, who live for hundreds of thousands of years. This means that many of the Anunnaki mentioned in this article are probably still alive today.
II. The Great Flood
According to the tenth Sumerian tablet (written in Enki's own words), the Anunnaki built the pyramids of Egypt as beacons for their new main spaceport on Earth, after the old one had been wiped out by the biblical Great Flood. In the Sumerian tablets it is known as the Deluge and it was activated by Nibiru's passing, but not solely caused by it.
Here is how the events unfolded.
Long before Nibiru reached its perigee, other significant changes were already taking place: black spots appeared on the Sun's surface, Earth's magnetic field became weaker, the temperatures raised and the ice caps begun melting.
 (All these events are similar to what we experience today, including the more recent sun's black spots).
The tablet does not explain what caused these important galactic changes, but presents the concern of Nibiru's scientists. They understood that Nibiru's passing will cause huge tidal waves, which will cover most of the lowlands. And this is exactly what happened.
"For days before the Day of the Deluge, the Earth was rumbling, groan as with pain it did;
For nights before the calamity struck, in the heavens Nibiru as a glowing star was seen."
 (This means that Nibiru was not necessarily seen as a huge object in the night sky, otherwise it would have been mentioned as such: half the size of / as big as / bigger than the Moon, for example.
This may imply that Nibiru's passing could go unnoticed by most people. What if comet Elenin was really a smokescreen for Nibiru, as so many people and amateur astronomers suggested? According to the Sumerian tablets, Nibiru enters our solar system from the direction of the Leo constellation -- the same as comet Elenin did.
There have been many videos and articles from amateur astronomers and people with above-average knowledge who presented evidence of a possible brown dwarf approaching our solar system from the constellation Leo, at the same time as NASA and the MSM were chatting non-stop about merely a comet -- NASA's most studied comet in history, I might add.
Unfortunately, because their possible pole-shifting scenarios did not occur, they chose to remove important information from the internet, fearing ridicule. But they might have been right all along, because Nibiru usually passes without causing harm. The Sumerian tablets describe a period of about 500,000 years, or about 138 completed orbits, and this is the only reference to a disaster caused by Nibiru).
Just before the deluge started, most of the Anunnaki returned to Nibiru, but some of them decided to stay. Those who remained, watched the destruction from their "celestial boats", while circling the Earth.
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