Thursday, 13 December 2012

The Endgame

It’s been called the endgame, a term from the world of chess and it’s used to refer to the ending scenario of any game; of when and how it will end.  A couple of high profile Establishment gadflies have used the term in their work. One is the boisterous Alex Jones and the other is Derrick Jensen.  Jones seems to be good at exposing the System, but he offers little in terms of solutions.
Jensen on the other hand offers the kinds of solutions we need to course correct.  Jones’ version of the endgame is a fear laden speculation surrounding the moves the ruling classes will take to depopulate the planet, reign-in the growing dissent movement and complete our enslavement. Elements of Jones’ view do exist such as the unoccupied detentions centers that dot the US landscape, but that does not mean that scenarios will unfold according their projections.
Zbigniew Brzezinski, the highly regarded political scientist, geostrategist, and former U.S. National Security Adviser to President Jimmy Carter wrote a book called the The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives. Geopolitics is indeed a game, albeit a very serious and deadly game and it could very well be that we are approaching the endgame in which the U.S. and its allies attempt to secure once and for all the most valuable objective of the geopolitical game of the last 100 years.
Geopolitics is fundamentally about the competition for economic advantage and resources.  A drama of epic proportions looms as the Greatest Empire the world has ever known prepares to launch a major war in order to sustain its unsustainable immensity for yet another business cycle.
The last two major wars (WW l-ll) where launched in virtual obscurity, but now the world is watching amidst a budding worldwide movement that is all too eager to expose and tame the great beast. It’s a super high stakes gamble to claim the Middle East for itself. Many are calling it the prelude to WW lll.
That is not as sensational a claim as it may seem when one considers what’s at stake, who is involved and the overall global condition.  What’s at stake is control of the world’s most valuable commodity–oil–and it’s NATO versus Russia, China and large swaths of the Arab-Muslim world. The Western Emperium is decrepit and diseased, its only hope of survival as it exists is one last hurrah in the form of a winner takes all move.
Thorough control of the Middle East will give the West a veritable monopoly over the extraction and distribution of the modern world’s life blood. A commodity that is dwindling and that means its value will only increase and they will get to dictate the price.   Western nations don’t tolerate monopolies within their own borders, but they are all for monopolizing the worlds largest oil reserves amongst themselves.
The big losers are Russia and China and the rest of the world.  What more could we want to make 2012 any more epic from a business as usual perspective? We have a possible WW lll scenario, a crumbling global financial system and growing social unrest in our midst.  For a thorough breakdown of the endgame and what follows according to New World Order desires please see the The World Economic and Geo-Political Game Plan Unveiled.
It’s not a question of… will these scenarios play out, but of when. I’ve been using the alarms system to refer to sustained upticks in human activity as we respond to intensifying global conditions. I have accurately predicted the start of the last 2 upticks.  The 4th alarm rang out with the start of the Arab Spring, the Libyan war, and the Japan cataclysm.
The 5th and present Alarm mode started with the birth of the Occupy movement and an increase in the frenzied financial maneuverings surrounding the ongoing implosion of the Eurozone.  I issued a global awareness report in anticipation of each uptick.   At the very bottom of this report you will find a listing of the alarm soundings as they relate to global happenings since 2007 and you will also find the links to the two reports issued in anticipation of upticks 4 and 5.
All signs point to an another sustained intensity uptick detectable as early as the 1st week of March and the 6th Alarm should be in full blare mode by the end of April.  I’m going to point out two windows of time that could see the unfolding of the time period’s most momentous events. The first is between the 5th and the 13th of March and the second is between 7th and the 11th of April.  Now if the models I am using continue to support my expectations and projections then we can expect at least 2 if not 3 more sustained intensity upticks between the end of May, start of June 2012 and December 10th, 2012.
The 6th Alarm will be triggered by either a false flag event, a mid-East war involving Syria, Lebanon or Gaza or a major economic blow to the Eurozone. Once war starts with either nation, it will spread to the other 2 and Iran will be last to be involved. We must also be on alert for a false flag event to justify an attack on Iran and to further bolster the demands of the growing surveillance state.  Fear mongering US officials have ramped up the rhetoric around the “increased probability” of Iranian attacks on US soil.
The first 5 social macro-trends are symptoms of Imperial civilization and the last 5 are signs of the emergent or planetary culture that will one day supplant imperial civilization.  Yes, the bad news is first.  The good news is that a planetary culture is beginning to sprout amongst the cracks in the concrete. And you’ve seen what tree roots can do to concrete. It’s a slow process, but it happens. Others laid the foundation for what will enable our generations accomplishments, and so too are we laying the foundation for future generations. I do however to expect to see greater changes in shorter periods of time thanks to the internet.