Saturday, 11 October 2014

The Dominant Paradox

Avoid the Dominant Paradox

by R. Ayana

It’s a good time to start creating a better world. It’s a good time to stop supporting the current system by extricating ourselves from it. It’s easy for groups of people to create new ways of life of their own devising.
The only way to achieve true freedom is to be aware of the subtle and sledgehammer programming planted in us all by family, nation and culture. Until we’re aware of why we think and feel the way we do, we cannot be free. 
There’s no point fighting the system or even attempting to change it from within (see http://www.geocities.com/ramaussies ) – instead, let it wither on the vine. The dominant paradigm survives through ingrained, unexamined beliefs and aphorisms that hypnotise the unwary into a life of fearful acquisition and pointless (re)activity. In nature’s reality unbridled growth means the inevitable death of an organism or species – and within the human sphere, possessions possess the possessor. 
  Society’s ongoing task is to program free agents to fulfill its ends – which may or may not be beneficial to the individuals involved. Either way human awareness must be limited or reduced by a culture to channel the individual will toward predetermined corporate goals – instead of toward personal survival, growth and self-knowledge. Historically, it’s been necessary to avoid society or dwell on its fringes to fully explore these regions of human awareness.
Genes and Memes
We’re all programmed by memes – in the original pre-blog usage of the term, a meme is a thought-form with a reality all its own, a living program of idea propagating itself through and via the human collective consciousness, just as genes propagate themselves via human protoplasm. These programs act like possessing entities, often driving and riding their human mounts to unlikely or unfortunate destinations. 

To change the world we must remake our selves. The will to change others is a wish to control them. The only place change occurs is within you. To learn what drives us you must listen to your thoughts to realise how few of them are actually yours. Then you can decide which ones you agree with. Better still, learn to stop ALL the monkey chatter of thought and learn what true peace is. With this simple step you can conquer the illusory fear of death that governs and directs all unenlightened beings – and drives them to their graves.
No one can save the world, but it takes every one of us to save the planetary ecosystem. You can save the tract of earth on which you stand and the life-forms that share it with you – yet saving yourself and your environment requires much more than changing light bulbs while continuing to steam along on a doomed Titanic luxury cruise.
It IS possible is to create new systems and ways of life that are real alternatives to the world-destroying cultures and societies our ancestors built for us – if only like-minded people can enjoy living together. Learning to accept and like others – and not merely tolerate them – is a loving skill denied most post-modern nuclear family denizens and their sole children offspring. Sharing is a skill we must all develop if we are to survive and thrive in this New Millennium.
 In a single house in a city, or a city block, or on agricultural land or in the wilderness, you DO make a difference, all the time – every time you flick a switch, flush a toilet, turn on a tap or pour something down a drain or into the earth or water, every time you buy, make or sell something and each time you meet the eyes of a fellow conscious being.
If we want freedom to choose not to destroy the planet by our very existence, we must first resolve and dissolve our ancient individual and racial sibling rivalries and all the customary feudal ill-will toward our own family members. It’s easier to remake or selves in the womb of our creation. Then we can really have a chance of trusting others and creating alternative, sustainable ways of living, learning, earning, occupying and entertaining ourselves.
Or we can just sit and talk or write about the state of the world or our lounge rooms, contributing to the distracting chatter of slowly evolving simians who still foul their own nests and spend their time by spending money. Humanity is a wide, deep gene-pool with many shallow shores. It takes all kinds to make a world.
Anything is possible. All of our fundamentally medieval cultures and lurid shallow media give us an utterly unreal, biased and propaganda-driven view of reality. The world is actually very friendly and benign to those living in harmony with nature and their own natures. Compassion breeds compassion and focused awareness ignites awareness in others. Communication requires respectful sensitivity to feedback and the knowledge and belief that the other person is at least as conscious as you are. If you contact the other person’s true central awareness you’re far more likely to achieve true communication. If you assume you’re talking to a dullard you’ll often fail to get anything through a brick wall of your own devising.
It’s possible o live in a tribe wherever you are or find yourself. The first step is to be open to the idea and all that it entails. A nuclear family isn’t a viable way to create or raise healthy human beings – it‘s designed for the use and abuse of industry, religions and militarists. Humans need society just as society needs humans – individuals need to feel part of a tribe to remain healthy and keep growing, and a tribe is not a nation; it’s a small group of people. It’s easy to make a real home, with a family of any reasonable size; your brothers, sisters and cousins are all around you, born into the same divisive small families that are now deemed necessary to reduce unbridled population increase. 
Find real friends and find a home to share. Learn how to heal its ecosystem. Plant a tree. See how long it takes for a tree to grow – and how long it needs protection from axe, saw and fire. While you’re waiting plant a forest, with plenty of food trees. All over the world, two generations of alternative pioneers have quietly been learning how to create a wonderful future – in the here and now. Help yourself by joining and helping them create a better world.
What would you like to create? How would you like to live?What kind of world will it help to create?Be careful what you wish for. Dream on – or just do it – today.
- R. Ayana

  To meet and help interesting people living different lives, try the Willing Workers on Organic Farms network - http://www.wwoof.com/ or http://www.wwoof.com.au/  For communities, see the Global Ecovillage Networkhttp://gen.ecovillage.org/   To learn about some things you need to consider before starting a community, see the Ringwood Charter – http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com.au/2011/07/ringwood-constitution-living-agreements.html