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Legend Of Gyanganj

Legend Of Gyanganj

Antediluvian City Of Immortal Sages That Can Only Be Found By The Chosen Ones

By Ellen Lloyd

Ancient legends tell that hidden somewhere deep in the Himalayas there is an antediluvian city inhabited by immortal sages.
This mysterious place is so well camouflaged that it can never be found by modern technology and it’s inaccessible to ordinary humans. The only people who can enter this remarkable kingdom are those who have been specially selected – the chosen ones.
In Hindu scriptures, there are several references to Gyanganj. The city of immortals is called Siddhashrama. The city of immortals is also known in Tibet where it’s called Shambala (Shambhala) or Shangri-La.
The ancient accounts are very interesting. It is said that Gyanganj, the land of immortals does not belong to the East or the West and neither is it the property of any particular religion or culture. This description raises the question whether Gyanganj is a real place or perhaps a higher level of consciousness one must obtain in order to access this higher realm.
Some have suggested this mysterious, mythical kingdom could be an interdimensional portal leading to a completely unknown world.
Many Explores Who Searched For Gyanganj Never Returned
According to legend from Tibet, this place is called “a northern place of quietude”, and a source of a system of esoteric wisdom called Kalachakra”.
Some Indian sects believe that there is a region north of the Himalayas called Kapapa, where “perfect men” reside.
Gyanganj is hidden somewhere in the Himalayas.
Shambhala itself is supposed to be a land in or just north of Tibet, where many travelers have heard of the tradition from holy men:
“In the midst of high mountains there are unsuspected enclosed valleys. Many hot springs nourish the rich vegetation. Many rare plants and medicinal herbs are able to flourish on this unusual volcanic soil.
Many explorers have tried to locate Gyanganj (Shambhala), but no-one has succeeded. Some people who undertook this dangerous journey to the Himalayas never returned and have never been found again.
One person who was deeply convinced Shambhala was a real place, was Nicholas Roerich (1874-1947), a Himalayan explorer who searched for the hidden kingdom of the immortals. His goal was to fulfill the mysterious Buddhist prophecy.
Did The Rishis Live In Gyanganj?
According to Hindu scriptures, several thousands of years ago, before the dawn of historical times, in a remote region of the Himalayas lived a group of remarkable individuals whose existence is shrouded in mystery.
Known today as the Rishis, these beings are considered ancient sages that possessed divine knowledge.
The Rishis were what we would describe as perfect human beings. They could co-exist with nature, they were modest, humble and never harmed anyone or anything. According to Vedic literature, the Rishis could go to the realms of the gods and demons.
Their unusual ability to describe events that would take place in the near future has made many wonder if these beings were of extraterrestrial origin, or simple extremely unusual and very gifted individuals. Did the Rishis live in Gyanganj?
Those who believe in the existence of Gyanganj say they you can never enter this place unless you have a ‘Karmic Connection’ with it. It’s a place where no death is known, consciousness is always alive and only accomplished yogis can find it and be allowed to enter.
It’s a fabulous kingdom where reality is visionary or spiritual as much as physical or geographic.

About the author:
Ellen Lloyd – is the owner of AncientPages.com and an author who has spent decades researching ancient mysteries, myths, legends and sacred texts, but she is also very interested in astronomy, astrobiology and science in general.